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It is our mission to be your All-In-One Cell Culture Partner. Thus, we cater various application areas with our products that circle around cell culture. Always serving the needs of scientists, lab technicians and other professionals alike. Our Portfolio caters all Cell Culture areas. Our products combine high-quality and affordability, so that you can benefit the most. From standard of-the-shelf products to custom solutions tailored to your needs – we offer a variety of products and services.

Cell Culture Monitoring

Continous cell culture monitoring at an early stage of cell based assays is the most crucial task for scientist. Seeding cells and checking their state of proliferation and vitality prior to the assay is inevitable. It is the tipping point for a successfull experiment and needs utmost care.

With our zenCELL owl continous cell culture monitoring becomes easy and automated.

In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)

Continuous monitoring of samples within the incubator post-IVF offers the advantage of diminishing the risk of contamination while simultaneously enhancing embryo quality.

This streamlined process not only reduces costs but also augments the likelihood of success and reproducibility by maintaining high-quality products and stable growth conditions.

Stem Cell

Exquisite cell cultures, especially those involving sensitive cells like stem cells, demand top-notch consumables and supplements to sustain reliable and targeted manipulation.

Consistent monitoring within controlled parameters, coupled with optimized culture conditions, fosters optimal growth, thereby maximizing the yield and unlocking the full potential of the cells.


The seamless development, production, and testing of vaccines hinge on the utilization of consumables and supplements of the highest quality to ensure a superb product.

Our mission lies in guaranteeing the quality of the expensive designer cells employed in these processes and minimizing variability. We strive to deliver flawless products and additives to uphold the standards essential for vaccine development.


In oncology research, the capability to monitor 3D cell cultures, specifically organoids, is indispensable for establishing robust platforms to investigate primary tumor cells and their responses to treatments.

Hence, the utilization of consumables and meticulous monitoring under stable conditions becomes paramount in ensuring the generation of reliable and accurate results.

Our limits expand with your demand

 From standard to custom solutions, we offer what you need. With our variety of products and services we serve every step in cell culture work. Even if you did not find the right solution, we are happy to work on it with you together.


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