We as innoME are proudly rooted in a globally established supplier for the automotive industry. The portfolio includes plastic hybrid sensor components for all renowned automobile manufacturers. innoME extends its commitment to cutting-edge solutions by combining the precision and high-quality standards of our parent company with a vision tailored for the dynamic field of biotechnology.

innoME: Your all-in-one partner for cell culture

Benefit from the potential of our biotech expertise seamlessly integrated with advanced manufacturing processes. Whether you're pioneering small-scale sensor prototypes or navigating the challenges of large-scale production for cell culture consumables, we are your comprehensive partner.

Turning your ideas into reality with Tech-Transfer Expertise

Tailored for those in the biotech industry with unique demands, our services cater to the sophisticated clientele aiming for superior quality and customized solutions. Partner with us, and together, we'll transcend the realms of innovation and automation, drawing inspiration from the successful standards set in the automotive sector.

Discover the innoME advantage – where your biotech aspirations form to reality



Our parent company, Erwin Quarder Group, is an established supplier for plastic hybrid parts in the automotive industry. With high-quality standards and state-of-the-art production processes it is the ideal partner also for the biotech industry.

Sensors do not only generate extra data, but they also help keeping track of your cells and supports you in your decision making. Sensors have therefore become crucial little helpers to monitor vitality and other parameters alike.

If you are interested in integrating sensors into plastic consumables for cell culture, we are the right partner for defining the requirements, developing, and manufacturing your products.

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