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Our products are manufactured by Luoyang Fudau Biotech Co., Ltd a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of biomedical packaging, mass industrial production consumables, laboratory cell culture consumables, and liquid process consumables.
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The Fudau biological production workshop is a high-end manufacturing site. It has C-level, D-level purification workshops and C-level microbiological testing rooms that meet GMP requirements, is equipped with a domestic leading cell factory without direct contact with personnel, and fully automatic cell bottles production line. 

It meets the needs of injection molding, injection blowing and extrusion blowing and other molding processes, and is the first one in the world to use injection stretch blowing to produce 3L and 5L high-efficiency shaker bottles.

Our Portfolio

Biological Process Category

Our extensive product range includes a variety of high-quality plastic consumables, and storage solutions to support a broad range of laboratory applications.

Multi-layer Cell Factory

A multi-layer cell factory is a type of bioreactor used in bioprocessing to produce high-value products using living cells. The term "multi-layer" refers to the multiple layers of cells that are grown on top of each other in a stacked arrangement within the bioreactor. This arrangement allows for a higher density of cells to be grown in a smaller space, which can lead to increased productivity, and more efficient use of resources.

The cells within the multi-layer cell factory can be engineered to produce a wide variety of products, including biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals. To maintain the health and productivity of the cells, the bioreactor provides a controlled environment with precise control over temperature, oxygenation, and nutrient supply.

Erlenmeyer flasks

Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used in laboratory settings for various purposes, including cell culture, microbial fermentation, and chemical reactions. High-efficiency Erlenmeyer flasks are specialized versions of these flasks designed to improve the yield and productivity of biological processes.

One of the key features of high-efficiency Erlenmeyer flasks is their increased surface area, which allows for more efficient gas exchange and nutrient delivery to the cells or microorganisms being grown within them. This is often achieved using baffles, which create a larger surface area and improve mixing, or through modifications to the shape of the flask itself.

Sterile Liquids Storage Carboy

Our Sterile Liquids Storage Carboy is a must-have for any laboratory, providing safe and secure storage of sterile liquids. We also offer Disposable Sterile Carboys, which are ideal for single-use applications.

Cylindrical Cell Culture Roller Bottle

Our Cylindrical Cell Culture Roller Bottle is designed to provide an optimal environment for the growth of adherent cells, while our Expanded Surface Polystyrene Roller Bottle offers an even greater surface area for cell attachment and growth. Both bottles are made from high-quality materials and are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Flake Microcarrier

Our Flake Microcarrier is a unique and innovative product that has been specifically designed for use in flake bioreactors. The microcarrier provides a large surface area for cell attachment and growth, while also promoting optimal nutrient exchange and waste removal. We also offer a Spherical Bioreactor Microcarrier, which is designed for use in spherical bioreactor systems.

Laboratory Cell Culture

Our extensive range of products includes Multi-wells Cell Culture Plates, Cell Culture Dishes, Glass Bottom Petri Dishes, Cell Culture Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flask, Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask, Single Use Bottles Assembly, Ultra-Low Attachment Multiple Well Plates, and Wave Tubes. All products are meticulously crafted from pharmaceutical-grade polystyrene, ensuring they meet the stringent purity standards of USP Class VI.

Multi-well Cell Culture Plate

Multi-well Cell Culture Plate is ideal for high-throughput screening, offering consistent and reliable results. The plate is available in a variety of well sizes and configurations to suit your specific requirements.

Cell Culture Dish

The Cell Culture Dish is designed for maximum cell attachment and growth, providing a stable platform for your experiments.

Glass Bottom Petri Dish 

Glass Bottom Petri Dish is an excellent choice for live-cell imaging, allowing you to observe cells in real time without the need for transfer.

Cell Culture Flask

The Cell Culture Flask is perfect for large-scale cell culture, providing a reliable and consistent environment for cell growth.

Erlenmeyer Flask and Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer Flask and Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask are designed for optimal aeration and agitation, providing an ideal environment for suspension culture.

Single Use Bottles Assembly

Single Use Bottles Assembly is perfect for sterile media and reagent storage, minimizing contamination and simplifying your workflow.

Ultra-Low Attachment Multiple Well Plates

Ultra-Low Attachment Multiple Well Plates are ideal for sensitive cell types, preventing cell adhesion and promoting cell viability.

Wave Tube 

Wave Tube provides a novel method for simulating physiological fluid flow in vitro, allowing for more accurate modeling of in vivo conditions.

Liquid Handling Class

Our extensive product line includes serological pipettes, 96-well Elisa plates, centrifugal tubes, cryogenic vials, and single-use vacuum filter cups.

Our liquid-handling consumables are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of laboratories around the world. We understand the critical role these consumables play in scientific research, diagnostic procedures, and pharmaceutical development, which is why we prioritize precision, accuracy, and reliability in every product we offer.

Serological pipettes 

Serological pipettes are ideal for the controlled dispensing of liquids, ensuring accurate volumes for experiments and sample transfers. They find applications in various fields, such as cell culture, molecular biology, and clinical diagnostics.

96-well Elisa plates

96-well Elisa plates are widely used in immunoassay applications, providing a platform for high-throughput screening, detection, and analysis. These plates are compatible with a range of detection methods, making them suitable for diverse research and diagnostic needs.

Centrifugal tubes

Centrifugal tubes offer efficient sample processing and separation, making them essential in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and other laboratory applications. They are designed to withstand high centrifugal forces, ensuring the integrity of samples during processing.

Cryogenic vials

Cryogenic vials are specifically designed for the long-term storage of valuable samples at ultra-low temperatures. These vials provide excellent protection against temperature fluctuations and offer secure storage solutions for biological materials, DNA, RNA, and other sensitive samples.

Single-use vacuum filter cups

Single-use vacuum filter cups are widely used for rapid filtration of samples, removing particulate matter, and ensuring high-quality filtrate for subsequent analysis. These cups are suitable for a range of filtration applications, including cell culture, microbiology, and environmental testing.

Liquid Storage Category

Our PETG Square Media Bottles and Reagent Bottles are specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of the scientific community. Crafted from premium-quality PETG material, our bottles offer exceptional clarity, chemical resistance, and durability, ensuring optimal preservation and protection of your valuable samples and reagents.
From labeling and branding to color choices and special features, we work closely with you to create personalized solutions that align with your brand identity and workflow requirements.


PETG square media bottles are containers specifically designed for the storage and transportation of liquid media, particularly in laboratory and research settings. PETG stands for polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified, which is a type of plastic known for its transparency, durability, and chemical resistance.


A Reagent Bottle is a type of laboratory container produced through injection molding and blowing processes, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish both inside and outside the bottle. This manufacturing method ensures that reagents do not adhere to the walls of the bottle, facilitating easy pouring and minimizing waste.

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